Revealed: Mourinho gave gifted Conference League ring back to Roma players after dismissal

Andy Mattioli

Mourinho’s farewell from the Italian capital was decidedly eventful, as well as controversial.

Today’s edition of ‘Il Messaggero’ written by Stefano Carina reports a very significant episode, which recounts the former Roma coach’s gesture towards the players on the day of his departure from the capital club.

The Portuguese technician, before leaving Trigoria, left the ring given to him by the players after the Conference League victory in Lorenzo Pellegrini’s locker; a strong gesture to return the ring to the captain, as if to underline that he felt betrayed by the team and its players, guilty – according to José – of not having behaved like men and endorsing the club’s decision to sack him.

Pellegrini himself, together with other teammates, is said to have tried to explain to Mourinho that he was totally unaware of the Friedkins’ intentions, at least until the day on which the sacking was officially announced. These explanations, however, proved useless.