Riccardo Calafiori discusses rapport with De Rossi, Mourinho’s decision to bench him and more

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma man and current Bologna defender Riccardo Calafiori recounted some of the most important relationships in his professional life.

During an interview with Sportweek, Calafiori – who recently helped lead Bologna to a historic Champions League qualification – paid special tribute to Daniele De Rossi.

“When I was injured he took me home, waited for me, took me back to the training center,” said Calafiori. “I’m also grateful to Totti. Now to Thiago Motta, with him I learned many other aspects of football that I didn’t know about.”

“Mourinho? With him I also started quite well then there was the match against Bodo in which we lost 6-1: from there things went downhill. He sent me to the bench and decided to rely on others, but my need and desire were to play.”

“It was his choice, of course, but I’ll also tell you something: Mou and I talk, he wrote me several messages, there’s a nice relationship between us.”

“Being able to buy my parents a house was a major moment for me. We lived on rent, but when I played for Roma I managed to buy a beautiful house for them. And seeing them calm, safe and happy is priceless.”

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