Roma and Monchi: between meetings and denials

John Solano

Late last night, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Roma and Sevilla sporting director Monchi have agreed to a deal to bring the 48 year old to the club in June.

Early this morning, Roma moved quickly to deny that a meeting ever took place between the club and Monchi and that no deal has been agreed to.

So between a reported deal being agreed to and a denial by the club, it’s difficult to understand if the news is true or if the club want to keep the potential deal under wraps.

However, despite the clear denial from the club, RomaPress can exclusively report that concrete steps have been taken by the club to try and lure Monchi to the club.

The club have denied that a meeting ever took place between the club and Monchi, however, this is false. RomaPress has confirmed with sources within the club that president James Pallotta was indeeed in London the week before the Derby as was Monchi, who was scouting for Sevilla.

Late in the week on 23 November, a meeting did indeed take place between representatives of the club and Monchi to discuss a move to the club. It is unknown if a deal was agreed to, perhaps it was — perhaps not, but Roma would be smart to quickly deny ever meeting with Monchi because he is still under contract with Sevilla.

So while Roma deny ever speaking with Monchi, this is false. Meanwhile, we must wait and see if a deal is ultimately agreed upon between the parties, however, there is mutual interest between the sides.

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