Roma CEO Pietro Berardi shares stadium update

Andy Mattioli

Roma CEO Pietro Berardi shared an update regarding the club’s long-awaited stadium project that was kick-started by the Friedkins earlier this year with the hope of completing construction by 2027.

Berardi appeared at the presentation of the book ‘The New Wars of Football” by Marco Bellinazzo and spoke to the media about Roma’s collaboration with the local authorities for the stadium project designed in the Pietralata area of the capital.

“For the moment I can only congratulate Mayor Gualtieri’s administration because it believes a lot in this stadium project,” Berardi told reporters.

“We are working in sync and we are trying to work with great speed, respecting all the necessary steps. Building a stadium today in Italy is very complicated.”

“The characteristics of this project to convince the city and the administration are enclosed in a few words: the first is urban redevelopment. We have looked for an area that can be redeveloped, an area where public transport already exists.”

“Second thing: the sustainability of the project, then how it is built, the acoustics. Third: it must be a modern stadium. We have travelled all the stadiums in the world, everywhere the stadiums are beautiful.”

“The stages of having an adequate structure to a capital is the idea that is pushing the administration of Roberto Gualtieri to try to do the maximum in the shortest possible time. Sure, it’s not a walk in the park.”

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