Roma crash out of Coppa Italia, Fonseca: “We made too many mistakes”.

John Solano

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca spoke to Sky Sport following the Giallorossi’s 3-1 loss to Juventus in the Coppa Italia.

You asked your team to show courage, but we only saw it in the second half. 
The difference was in effectiveness. The first time they got near the goal they scored, and same with the second. The team played well but the quality is different.

How big of a loss was Dzeko?
He is very important for us but the problem was not Kalinić. All the attackers could’ve done much better. Kluivert made a lot of mistakes, for example…that’s the difference.

Are you worried about Diawara?
Very, let’s see how it ends up with him but we have many absences right now. We hope that Amadou’s situation is not serious and that he can play.

How do you plan to stop Lazio?
These are two different games, Lazio don’t play like this but we have to work on the mistakes we made.

Are you expecting something from the transfer market?
Yes, we could buy one or two players because we need them.