Roma GM Tiago Pinto defends Jose Mourinho

Andy Mattioli

Roma General Manager Tiago Pinto took a stance in Jose Mourinho’s defense following rumors of a FIGC investigation.

The latest whispers from Italian media suggested that the FIGC were set to open an investigation into Mourinho’s comments regarding Serie A official Matteo Mercenaro ahead of this evening’s match with Sassuolo.

Minutes before kick-off, Pinto shared his thoughts on the matter in an interview with DAZN.

“Now you know me, you know that I’m a calm guy who doesn’t want to fuel off-field situations. But there comes a time when maybe we need to say enough, right?”

“For now we have not received any investigation from the Prosecutor’s Office and I trust the common sense of the Prosecutor’s Office. And I trust common sense for two or three reasons: in these first 14 days we have seen some teams with much uglier attitudes than Roma and nothing happened. I don’t give examples, but just go to social media to see examples. In these 14 days I have seen coaches who comment on the designations, the referees, and make considerations before and after the matches and I don’t see any consequences for them.”

“I’ll say more, Mourinho’s comment was not an offense or an attack. With Roma Mercenaro was never the main referee, we had him as the fourth official and every time we had the misfortune that he kicked someone off the bench. If we don’t talk to them they give us a fine, if we do talk to them we have to say what they want. I don’t know, I said that I trust the prosecutor’s office, because there are Italian officials who are already commenting on Mourinho’s words ten minutes later. Why? Because if you comment on the words of another individual you have three news stories, if you comment on the words of Mourinho, well that’s another story, right? Stop it. This season we are changing our attitude, if a coach like Mourinho can’t express his thoughts then I don’t know what to say anymore.”