Roma launch strategic partnership with Nagoya Grampus

Andy Mattioli

Roma have officially launched a strategic partnership with Japanese champions Nagoya Grampus.

The collaboration will see the two clubs go beyond just an exchange of knowledge in football and business operations to unite on key issues such as sustainability and social responsibility.

The announcement of this unique agreement comes on the same day the two sides are set to face each other in the EuroJapan Cup at Toyota Stadium in Japan.

“We are proud to begin this ground-breaking collaboration, one that we expect to be hugely beneficial for both our clubs on and off the pitch,” said Dan Friedkin, President of AS Roma.

“The values and priorities AS Roma and Nagoya Grampus share are foundational to a partnership that we have no doubt will offer significant long-term benefits across all aspects of our respective organisations.

“Beyond the exciting opportunities we see to assist each other in footballing matters, we look forward to supporting each other on topics that we both regard as priorities, including sustainability and giving back to our communities.

“This announcement is the first step in building ties that we are confident will provide the foundation for an enduring and invaluable bond.”

Roma and Nagoya Grampus have pledged to support each other in making an impact in their communities and beyond. Through their social responsibility initiatives, both organisations share a track record of promoting inclusivity in the world of football.

As part of this partnership, the two clubs have pledged to further harness the unifying power of the sport to implement new initiatives designed to encourage and involve those with disabilities. The clubs will work closely with strategic partners to implement these efforts, while using their platforms to enhance the reach of partner organisations.

“We are very pleased and honoured to form a strategic partnership with AS Roma, one of the most prestigious and historic clubs in Italy,” said Koki Konishi, President of Nagoya Grampus.

“Not only cooperating on the football pitch to become stronger and more attractive teams, the two clubs will make the most of each other’s knowledge and experience to implement various initiatives to expand both businesses with a long-term perspective.

“We believe that football clubs have a wide range of roles to play in order to build a sustainable society.

“We are confident that this partnership will make effective use of all the resources that both clubs have, and the future will be bright for both clubs and everyone involved.”

On the pitch, the partnership will enable the clubs to share insights and knowledge related to football competition, with a particular focus on scouting, sports science, data analytics and other methodologies.

The collaboration will have deep roots in the youth development system as well. Knowledge-sharing will provide the academy sectors of both clubs with additional tools to enhance the development of the next generation of talent. By taking advantage of shared insights, the clubs can maximise performance gains for young players.

Plans are also in place for players and staff from each club to visit the other to learn from a different perspective, while also testing themselves in a variety of tournaments and friendly matches.

Roma’s participation in the second edition of the EuroJapan Cup means that over the coming days senior staff from the sporting departments of both clubs will have the opportunity to meet for the first time.

“From a footballing perspective this collaboration represents a huge opportunity, because it will allow us to formally put in place a knowledge exchange that we believe will be mutually beneficial for both clubs,” said Tiago Pinto, General Manager (Football) of AS Roma.

“We are proud to be in a position to offer our experience and knowledge on different strategic elements surrounding the first-team squad and youth academy.

“We are also enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn more about one of football’s emerging markets, thanks to the gracious support from the directors at Nagoya Grampus – one of the leading clubs in the Japanese game.”

Motohiro Yamaguchi, General Manager of Nagoya Grampus, said: “We are very pleased to announce this partnership with AS Roma, a club with a long and illustrious track record.

“From the first team to the youth players that will lead the next generation, we see it as a great opportunity for us to work on many topics, learning from a wide range of perspectives through player/staff exchanges and sharing solutions.

“While learning from the standards of European team, we would like to incorporate them into our methods and create a team that can compete in Asia and the world.”

Roma and Nagoya Grampus have also pledged to set up a number of academies, overseen by both clubs, in Japan and other international markets – starting with the United States.

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