Roma legend Arcadio Venturi pens letter to Lorenzo Pellegrini

Andy Mattioli

Legendary Roma captain Arcadio Venturi – who served the club between 1948 and 1957 – penned a letter to Lorenzo Pellegrini.

In a letter published on Roma’s official website, Venturi – a member of the club’s Hall of Fame – expressed his admiration for Pellegrini who recently equaled Venturi’s 101 appearances as captain of the Giallorossi.

“Dear Lorenzo, I am Arcadio Venturi, I wore the Roma shirt for nine years, playing almost 300 games. I wanted to congratulate you.”

“First of all because you are a strong player and a responsible man for this Roma team. Regardless of performances on the pitch. Regardless of results. You are an emblem of this club and you have proved it many times with your attitude.”

“You made it through 100 games with the captain’s armband, making it to 101 a few days ago… I was told me you matched my number. This is why I am pleased to be able to shake your hand, from captain to captain.”

“I’m happy that people like you, Agostino Di Bartolomei, Giuseppe Giannini, Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi have had this privilege. To be able to represent the team as Romans and Romanisti.”

“When I was playing – and it was really another kind of football – probably your parents weren’t even born, but Roma always felt the same. There was always a feeling and sense of belonging.”

“Even for myself, despite being born in Vignola, a small town in Emilia-Romagna. I immediately felt Roma as my team, from the first moment. Especially when we were relegated to Serie B in 1951, the only season Roma experienced in that league.”

“The desire was to immediately bring Roma back to where they belonged. In Serie A. We succeeded, we succeeded immediately. We won the Serie B championship and I remember that on that day in Verona, where we were certain of our supremacy, we all rejoiced as if it were a great victory. And it was, for us. Because it wasn’t easy or obvious to react immediately.”

“Then, over time, I became captain. I remember that when they entrusted me with the ranks of team leader, I immediately tried to put myself at the service of the group and always keep Roma going.”

“It wasn’t the individual that counted, the team counted. Always. You, Lorenzo, were lucky enough to lift a European cup as captain on that magical night in Tirana. I wish you to experience that magical feeling again. If you win, Roma wins. If Roma wins, all of us who love it win. Because whoever plays for Roma can only become a Roma fan for life. Congratulations on everything, Lorenzo, and always Forza Roma!”

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