Roma Reportedly Planning Two Year Deal For De Rossi

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Although AS Roma and former manager Jose Mourinho did unexpectedly part back in January of this year, the writing had been on the wall for quite a while. The Roma board made the jump far quicker than most fans had expected them to, and then they certainly pivoted when they made former midfield legend Daniele De Rossi our new interim gaffer for the remainder of the 2023/24 campaign.

With form and results leading to a rise in the frustration felt by the loyal Giallorossi fan base, despite being hugely well regarded at the club, there were those who felt his appointment was more of a move to placate the Mourinho fans that remained and that is probably what the best betting apps would have thought at the time as well.

But remarkably, having got the players back on side with a total change of tact in his managerial approach, we are no longer a side that were seemingly in a free fall, blighted by injuries and underperforming stars.

De Rossi’s task was to steady the ship, but he has gone further than that. He’s imprinted his ethos on the squad, who’ve completely bought-in to his new vision. Add to that a revamped set of tactics, a couple of fresh faces and a far improved vibe and mentality around the training ground and the 40 year-old has now won seven of his opening nine matches.

His points per match statistic right now is 2.57 per game, and that is a phenomenal return given the expectations that were held when he was appointed.

He is clearly defying the expectations that were originally set for him, and right now it feels like the sky could be the limit given the potential he has shown to call himself a manager in his own right.

In already surpassing Mourinho’s points per game record, we look like we may have clinched our Europa League spot for the next campaign, and for a period that felt like it was in doubt, but if our improvement continues and we keep our current consistency levels, we could soon be knocking on the door of the Champions League itself once again, and very few people would have seen that as a possible outcome for the year based on how the opening half of the campaign had gone.

In recognition of his work so far, multiple results are now suggesting that even if we see a bit of a drop off as the end of the campaign approaches, our board are now seriously considering offering him a full two year deal to take the role on properly, and effectively see what he could do with a full summer at his disposal.

If these reports are accurate, we could well see movement over the coming weeks.

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