Roma supporters protest against the club

John Solano

Following the news of the departure of Daniele De Rossi, a group of Roma supporters protested outside of the club’s headquarters at EUR and Trigoria. On display were banners that read “Today it is clear: AS Company” — referring to the club as being strictly a business while another read “We’re AS Roma, you’re a funeral company”. A small faction of the group even approached the entrance gate of Trigoria and were greeted by Daniele De Rossi, Ranieri and sporting director Ricky Massara. The trio attempted to speak to the supporters over the shouting¬† as the group asked De Rossi to sign another contract with Roma but the captain gave a dry “No”. There were also loud chants against Roma president James Pallotta.

De Rossi even conveyed to the small group that he would be willing to quit entirely as a footballer and not wear another club’s shirt if it meant appeasing Romanisti, but the group rejected this stating, “That wouldn’t be right”.¬†

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30