Roma’s Unsung Heroes: Three Underrated Players from the mid-2000s

RomaPress Staff

In the world of football, where stars often grab headlines, many talented players quietly make significant contributions without receiving the acclaim they deserve. AS Roma, a club with a rich history and passionate fanbase, has had its share of such players over the past 20 years. Here, we spotlight three of Roma’s most underrated players who have made substantial impacts but perhaps haven’t been celebrated as they should have been.

Simone Perrotta – The Midfield Engine

Simone Perrotta, who joined AS Roma in 2004 from Chievo Verona, is one of the most underrated players in the club’s recent history. Perrotta was a versatile midfielder known for his work rate, stamina, and ability to make late runs into the box. What set Perrotta apart was his tactical intelligence; he was the glue that held the midfield together, allowing more creative players the freedom to operate effectively.

Perrotta’s contributions were crucial to Roma’s success during his tenure, helping the team secure multiple Coppa Italia titles and a Supercoppa Italiana. Despite his consistent performances, Perrotta often remained in the shadows of more flamboyant stars like Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi. His retirement in 2013 marked the end of an era for Roma, and his impact on the field deserves more recognition.

Rodrigo Taddei – The Flexible Playmaker

Rodrigo Taddei, who joined Roma from Siena in 2005, was another player whose versatility and skill were often overshadowed by the luminaries of his time. Taddei could play almost anywhere on the field but primarily featured as a winger or a midfield playmaker. His ability to adapt to different roles made him a valuable asset under multiple coaches.

Taddei was known for his dribbling, his knack for scoring crucial goals, and his playful spirit, epitomized by his famous ‘ear-flap’ celebration. Despite his contributions to Roma’s successes, including Serie A and Coppa Italia campaigns, Taddei never quite received the plaudits reserved for some of his teammates. His loyalty and dedication to the club, however, endeared him to Roma fans who appreciated his commitment and flexibility.

Mirko Vucinic – The Underappreciated Forward

Mirko Vucinic signed with Roma from Lecce in 2006 and quickly became a key figure in the team’s attack. Vucinic was a forward with an excellent technical ability, known for his creativity, elegant play, and ability to score from seemingly impossible positions. During his time at Roma, he formed a formidable partnership with Francesco Totti and was instrumental in several successful seasons.

Despite his talent and crucial goals, Vucinic was often underrated compared to other Serie A forwards of his time. His move to Juventus in 2011 saw him gain more recognition, but his years at Roma showcased his true quality and contribution to the team. Vucinic’s flair and scoring ability were remarkable and certainly worthy of more praise.


While stars like Totti and De Rossi will always be remembered as the faces of Roma during their respective eras, players like Perrotta, Taddei, and Vucinic were equally crucial to the team’s successes. Their contributions were invaluable, and though they may not have always captured the headlines, their impact on the pitch was profound. It’s players like these who enrich the fabric of a football club, embodying dedication, versatility, and skill—qualities every team needs to succeed.

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