Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri wants Roma’s stadium “operational by 2027.”

Andy Mattioli

The Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, was once again asked to share an update on the process that will lead to the construction of Roma’s highly anticipated stadium.

“We are respecting the established timeline,” Gualtieri said in an interview with Teleradiostereo.

“There was recently a conference that ended positively and allowed us to adopt a resolution that recognizes the public interest of the project and will in turn allow, once it is approved by the assembly, to pass to the decision-making conference of services which is the one after which stadium construction can begin.”

“The goal is for the stadium to be operational by 2027,” Gualtieri continued. “We’re happy with the project, we like that it’s different from the previous one. It is a green project with public parks, cycling and pedestrian paths, but we need to strengthen the parking lots, roads, make the access to Pertini hospital safe.”

“Overall, we’re confident. Roma are working very hard on this project and thanks to a serious collaboration we hope to continue the work with enthusiasm and determination.”