Ronaldo discusses Mourinho’s impact on Roma: “He’s the right coach for Dybala.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo went in depth as to what exactly Mourinho is doing to raise Roma’s level with the recent addition of superstar free agent Paulo Dybala.

The ex-Real Madrid man told La Gazzetta dello Sport, “I find it very funny how Mourinho’s appeal still works to this day. Whether it’s sporting directors or players, it’s very hard to say no to Mourinho.”

“He makes you do what he wants, but he does so by convincing you that it’s your choice. He’s the right coach for Dybala, who in Rome can become an idol for all supporters.”

“Ultimately I think the biggest danger for Roma next season is the way Roma tend to experience too much euphoria at times.”

“Aiming at a return to the Champions League at this point is a duty, even if Mourinho is too smart to say it; to start talking about the Scudetto would be to burn down a long-term project. One fact is certain: playing at the Olimpico this year will be a living hell for everyone.”

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