Sabatini critical of Pallotta, Zecca

John Solano

Former Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini spoke to our colleagues at PagineRomaniste today, here are his words:

“My relationship with Pallotta was wonderful for the first two years, or three maybe, it was beautiful, full of mutual understanding and mutual trust and esteem, then things deteriorated. Others started getting involved with talks and me, since I’m aggressive in the transfer market, I need to feel like someone has my back.”

“I cannot lose my ability to be immediate and aggressive, even if it is 2.00 in the morning. If I were to tell you how the story of Nainggolan went. He agreed with Juve but then there were talks, meetings, and shouting at 4.00 in the morning and we found the agreement with his entourage and Cagliari. At that time, there was strong agreement between me and Pallotta and it produced a player like Nainggolan, who may be one of the best in the history of Roma.”

“It wasn’t one situation or a veto. Roma deserve a sporting director who feels like he is back 100%. Zecca? He’s a collaborator of the president’s but he’s also like a shadow government. It’s with great regret that I wasn’t able to settle.”

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