Samp KO Roma, Fonseca: “It’s a very tough period for us.”

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca was short on explanations after his side lost once more in league.

The Giallorossi were defeated 2-0 in Genova by Sampdoria and former manager Claudio Ranieri.

It’s the capital club’s eleventh league loss of the season and is among their worst individual Serie A campaigns in a decade.

“It’s a difficult period for us. We did well in the first half but we didn’t react after they scored,” he said to Sky Sport.

“We didn’t have the strength to reapond in the second half. The loss to Manchester United left a mark on us, this is something difficult to get past.”

“Up until March, we were fighting on two fronts. Once March arrived, though, we encountered a number of problems.”

He continued, “We’ve only had a few days to recover between matches. I don’t think our methods are what affected things. But I think we could’ve done more this season.”

“But I recall that you guys at Sky predicted that we would finish seventh. Clearly that’s a sign of whether the team is capable of top four.”

We haven’t had Smalling for most of the season, we haven’t had Zaniolo and other important players, I think we could have done more with them.”

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