Serie A admin Luigi De Siervo hits back at Mourinho

Andy Mattioli

Lega Serie A administrator Luigi De Siervo hit back at Jose Mourinho for his recent comments on Roma’s schedule.

In today’s presser, Mourinho returned to the topic of Roma’s hectic schedule and the various disadvantages that it entails.

After Mourinho’s press conference, Lega Serie A released a statement signed by De Siervo.

“The League does not comment on the coaches’ statements as long as they do not amount to accusations that undermine the credibility of the Serie A product. In this circumstance, after the San Siro match, Roma manager had not limited himself to highlighting that the recovery times between the matches were not ideal, but he had accused the Lega Serie A of wanting to damage his club.”

“We had to intervene to defend the League by reiterating that we manage the calendar with professionalism and equidistance. It is, in fact, quite clear that the Lega does no ‘favors’ to anyone, much less is it ‘against’ anyone. As is known, the clubs’ revenues derive mainly from television and the times of the matches are determined above all according to the maximization of the audiences.”

“The controversy was useless because, coincidentally, the Inter-Roma match, also due to its ideal time slot, recorded the highest audience of the tenth day and the second best audience of the season.”

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