Serie A clubs no longer eligible for Growth Decree tax benefit

Andy Mattioli

Roma and other teams in Serie A will have to face a new reality with regards to their transfer business.

Following the Council of Ministers held yesterday evening, 16 October, in the budget for 2024 the Italian government has launched a crackdown on tax discounts for workers coming from abroad.

This means, footballers will no longer benefit from the Italian Growth Decree – a tax relief in Italy that allows clubs to pay less tax for players arriving from abroad.

The rule come into effect on 1 January 2024, but it will hold consequences also for the players signed by Serie A clubs during the last summer session, as the tax advantages would have started right at the beginning of the new year.

Roma took advantage of the Growth Decree with regards to the salaries of Aouar and Ndicka, while no changes are foreseen for the wages belonging to Romelu Lukaku. Players who have benefited from the Decree in previous years (as in the case of the Belgian striker at Inter) retain the right to keep it.

Inevitably, the new rule will affect the way Serie A clubs will conduct their transfer business with more complications expected to arise when dealing with foreign players coming from abroad.

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