Serie A official’s lawyer rejects Mourinho’s side of the story

Andy Mattioli

The lawyer of Serie A official Marco Serra commented on the proceedings of his client as the risk of indefinite suspension looms over following the events from Cremonese-Roma which involved Giallorossi manager Jose Mourinho.

“It will be an opportunity to clarify that it was a misunderstanding, in the chaos of the stadium, dictated by a situation of general nervousness and that Serra’s movements were also misunderstood,” Gabriele Bordoni, his lawyer, told ANSA ahead of his hearings with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office on March 15.

“Serra didn’t say anything bad and didn’t turn to Mourinho because he had to watch the pitch. His behavior was not rude: he had his hands in his pockets as he kept them all evening, because it was a cold evening, not as a provocative gesture.”

“We understand that Mourinho, a highly experienced and prestigious coach, may have felt undervalued in that context by a referee many years younger than him, but we believe that the story can and must be recomposed, reconstructing the facts with the right precision. The hearings will help the federal prosecutor’s office to decide whether to suspend Serra or archive the case and we are counting on the second option.”

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