Smalling: “I”m enjoying Italian football. Roma was an opportunity too good to turn down”.

John Solano

Roma defender Chris Smalling gave an extensive interview to Forbes and discussed various topics, including his summer move to the Giallorossi on loan.

“I’m really enjoying Italian football and I think it does suit my game. Hopefully come May I can say I’ve had a good season, the team’s had a good season and it’s been a great success,” he said.

“There aren’t too many English players that venture abroad. You are starting to see younger players going abroad on loan and having great success, but I think it’s a shame that more people aren’t venturing out. I think having the opportunity to experience Serie A at a big club like Roma was too good to turn down.”

“A return to the national team? I always hold those ambitions. In terms of the caps that I’ve got, I will always want to add to those to the point where I hang up my boots. I will never turn that down,” he said. “But I think I almost have to focus on myself in terms of the last few years playing regularly with United and now playing regularly here. I’m on a stage at big clubs where I can show my talents and I do harbour hopes that if I have a special season then I can be involved again. Those ambitions are very much burning bright inside me.”

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