Smalling: “I’m slowly improving my Italian. Dzeko? Training with him helps us both improve”.

John Solano

Roma defender Chris Smalling appeared on Roma TV today and fielded questions from supporters on social media who used the hashtag #AskSmalling – here’s what the Englishman had to say:

How was it to score your first goal for Roma?
Fantastic, especially after I thought I could in previous matches when I had chances.

How’s your Italian?
I’m learning (answers in Italian). I will try to learn it as quickly as possible, there are days when it is better and others worse, it is not easy. I have to strive to learn as quickly as possible.

Your feelings about the city.
I visited the Vatican with my family. You get the choice to visit the sea or go more into the city – but I still need more time to explore.

The biggest difference between the Premier League and Serie A?
As a defender, many teams play with two strikers here. It’s a great challenge for me, I have to work more here than I did in England, I have more to do and my role is more urgent.

He is a legend, some of the best defenders in the world come from Italy and he is one of them.

Who is the greatest defender ever?
It’s a difficult question, surely Maldini is one of them.

How is it to be here with Dzeko?
We played against each other many times, Edin was an important player for City. We train against each other every day and it is good for both of us because we improve by training together. At the start, he helped me communicated with everyone because he speaks English – plus, he’s helping me with my Italian because he speaks it more slowly then the others, which makes it easier to understand.

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