Smalling presented: “I couldn’t wait to get here and get started”.

John Solano

Newly acquired defender Chris Smalling was presented to the media today by Roma at Trigoria as he held his first press conference as a member of the Giallorossi. These are his words:

What differences do you think you’ll find between the Premier League and Italian football?
Playing as a defender in Serie A has always been an objective, being able to combine the strengths of the Premier League with those of Serie A is certainly an opportunity for me to grow.

You’ve already talked to Fonseca before coming here. What impressions did he give you?
I talked to him before I arrived and he explained what he wanted from me and what he wanted from the team. There was immediately an understanding, we agreed on many points. After the first training session, I realised that he wants a team that presses, aggressive defenders, who are alert and quick to control the depth behind them. It was a great week.

Does Rome have the qualities to make it to the end of the Europa League?
Roma has every chance of winning this competition, I’d say we are a part of the favorites in it. For me, it would be great to win it for the second time but do so in Italy.

Arriving here on loan, is the spirit to re-launch yourself and try another experience or to stay at Roma?
It’s a motivating opportunity, I couldn’t wait to get here and get started. Now I want to focus on the next match and better learn how we train. At the end of the season we will see, if the club is satisfied with me, it would be a pleasure to stay at this club for a long time.

What did you think of the racism problem that affects Italy? 
It is an unacceptable phenomenon that affects the whole world. We need a generational change, that young people learn to behave differently. It is sad that these things still happen today.

What happened at Manchester to push you to come here on loan? Why did you choose Roma?
I like challenges. I had the opportunity to try a new league and a new club. I don’t like having regrets, it’s a nice challenge because the expectations are also high here. Now I have the opportunity to show my new club that they have chosen the right person.

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