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Spal’s Salvatore Esposito exalts manager Daniele De Rossi: “He always been an idol.”

John Solano

Spal midfielder and Italian international Salvatore Esposito was asked about his relationship with manager Daniele De Rossi, the former Roma mdifielder.

De Rossi was appointed manager by the Serie B side last month—marking his very first head coaching stint.

“Having a manager who focuses a lot on youth is fantastic,” Esposito told “I’ve always had a great relationship with him, and he’s always been my idol.”

“For me, having him as my coach means more responsibility: in addition to doing well for Spal and myself, I also need to do well for him.”

Adding, “He’s someone who really helps me, and I always want to give more for him. He’s a well-liked person and a well-prepared coach; he’s an example to follow.”

Spal currently sit 12th in the Serie B table and have tallied a record of 1 win, 3 draws, and 1 defeat since De Rossi’s appointment.

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