The Season Three Curse: A Football Manager’s Toughest Challenge

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As the saying goes, “History repeats itself,” and football is no exception. Whether you’re a supporter in the stadium or one of the many punters utilising online casinos with PayPal, the “season three curse” has become a topic of intrigue and concern.

The phenomenon refers to the apparent trend of football managers facing tremendous challenges and often finding themselves at a crossroads during their third season in charge of a club. From historic clubs to modern powerhouses, many managers have fallen victim to this enigmatic curse, leaving fans to wonder if it’s a mere coincidence similar to online pokies or a genuine challenge that coaches must confront.

So with Roma preparing to enter their third season with Jose Mourinho at the helm, it’s worth exploring the potential stumbling blocks the Giallorossi may face in the upcoming campaign.

Possible Explanations

Both pundits and fans alike have theorised on the potential causes of difficulties faced by managers after years one and two. While it’s obviously impossible to objectively identify a single source, most supporters agree on several elements likely behind a team’s struggles in season three under the same coach.

  • Tactical Adaptation: One plausible explanation for the season three curse is the need for tactical adaptation. Football is a dynamic sport, and opposing teams may become more adept at countering a manager’s playing style by the third season. Without evolving strategies, a manager’s tactics could become predictable and less effective.
  • Squad Fatigue and Transfers: Over the course of three seasons, a manager’s preferred starting XI may have accumulated significant fatigue, injuries, or even aged past their prime. Additionally, some clubs may face financial constraints, limiting the manager’s ability to bring in fresh talent, leading to a weakened squad.
  • Internal Pressure and Expectations: With time, expectations on a manager tend to grow. After two successful seasons, fans and club owners may demand even greater achievements, leading to added pressure and stress that can negatively impact the team’s performance.
  • Player Ego and Dressing Room Dynamics: Successful managers can sometimes struggle with managing big egos within the dressing room. By the third season, any unresolved conflicts or player discontent may come to the surface and disrupt team harmony.
  • Media and External Criticism: As managers gain prominence, they become increasingly subject to media scrutiny and external criticism. Negative press can affect a manager’s confidence and potentially influence player morale.

Overcoming the Curse

While the season three curse presents a formidable challenge, there are instances where managers have successfully navigated through this period and continued their success. Some key strategies for overcoming the curse include:

  • Continual Evolution: A successful manager must be willing to adapt and evolve their tactics to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Squad Revitalisation: Identifying key areas that need improvement and making smart signings or promoting youth talents can breathe new life into a team.
  • Strong Leadership and Communication: Maintaining open communication with players, staff, and club officials can help address any issues early on and foster a positive team environment.
  • Mental Resilience: Managers must stay mentally strong and focused during challenging times. Seeking support from mentors or fellow professionals can be beneficial.


The season three curse remains a captivating aspect of football management, intriguing both fans and experts alike. While it is not a guaranteed fate for every manager, the evidence suggests that it is a genuine challenge that demands careful attention. By acknowledging the potential pitfalls and implementing strategies to avoid possible dangers, football managers can aim to continue their journey towards long-term success with their teams.

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