Totti: “It’d be tough but I would say no if I was asked to return. Zaniolo? I hope he can stay as long as possible but I don’t think this will be the case”.

John Solano

Former Roma captain and director Francesco Totti appeared on Radio Radio today and discussed a variety of topics in regards to the Giallorossi. Here’s what Er Pupone had to say:

What if Friedkin purchases Roma and they realise you’re forever linked to the club: would you come back?
Do I have to answer (laughs)? It’s a good question. I have a rather strong yet touchy character. When I take a certain path – I carry it out completely. If someone came to me and asked me to return, it would put me in difficulty, but I would say no. I have to respect the decision I made. I want a new experience. I hope this American group comes and Roma can return to a high level with a president who invests a lot of money and can win everything that can be won. I say this without taking anything away from Pallotta.

Would you mind seeing Zaniolo with the number 10 shirt? Would he deserve it?
For the sake of Zaniolo, I’d stop comparing him to me. If he continues like this, and I hope he does, he will deserve all that football can give. Let’s allow him to grow – he’s still young. He understands the Roman mentality and I hope he can remain at Roma as long as possible even if I don’t think this will be the case.

Could they sell him?
They could, yes. Anything could happen from now until June.

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