Totti spotted at the same hotel as Friedkin last week

John Solano

Francesco Totti is not only backing The Friedkin Group – the potential new ownership group of Roma – in public, but also in private. Il Tempo reports that the ex-Roma captain and director was spotted last week on 13 November at the Hotel De Russie. This is the same hotel where Dan Friedkin, the CEO of the Houston-based group, stayed last week during a series of meetings with Roma’s management team. A coincidence? Perhaps, but there are those who insist that that Totti, accompanied by his wife Ilary Blasi, had lunch with the Americans. It remains to be seen if anything comes of this, but Er Pupone still intends on moving forward with his new path as an agent.

Meanwhile, Dan Friedkin also met with Guido Fienga in London as their due diligence on AS Roma Spv LLC continues.

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