Ünder: “Sorry to see Monchi leave. Di Francesco? I always felt his trust”.

John Solano

Roma’s Cengiz Ünder was interviewed by DAZN today. These are his words:

“Usually everyone calls me ‘Genco’, they had already started calling me that in Turkey and they started doing so in Rome last year. In Turkish, Cengiz means unbeatable and I must say that I like it very much. I was out for two months due to injury and I admit that I was a bit worried, I was dying to get back on the pitch with my teammates and I had doubt that I wasn’t really unbeatable. I thought to myself, ‘What if I get injured the same way again?’ But fortunately, I have now returned to training with my teammates. I have played little but I hope to find continuity soon”.

How sorry are you that Di Francesco and Monchi have left Roma?
Monchi brought me here, I’m sorry he left. Di Francesco gave me advice that I will never forget. I always felt his trust. Even when I didn’t play much, I felt he believed in me. Then I started playing and scoring. I’m really sorry this happened but these are things that happen in football. Life is ruthless, football even more-so.

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