Vitek resigns from CPI’s Board of Directors, Tor di Valle stadium project could be affected

John Solano

Czech real estate tycoon Radovan Vitek, who has been the favorite to acquire the land at Tor di Valle for Roma’s stadium project, has resigned from the Board of Directors of CPI Property Group.

The company, who is the leading owner of real estate in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw, announced that the Czech billionaire and his wife, Marie, have retired from the company’s board.

“Mr. Vitek will celebrate his 50th birthday in January and recently suffered the death of his father. In commemoration of these events, Mr. and Mrs. Vitek decided to retire from the board of directors of CPIPG today, with immediate effect.”

”Mr. Vitek also retired from the board of CPIPG’s subsidiary, Remontees Mecaniques Crans-Montana Aminona (CMA) in June 2020.”

The belief was that Vitek would acquire the land at Tor di Valle and partner with Roma in developing the Stadio della Roma and surrounding business park.

Once the real estate mogul acquired the land, it was expected to be added to CPI’s portfolio. Since he is no longer a member of the company’s board, though, there is the possibility of additional delays.

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