What Will Qualifying for the Champions League Mean for Roma?

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The Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in Europe and one of the most well-known football tournaments in the world. It is no wonder that top-scoring football clubs fight for the top 4 positions in the competition. With excellence also comes wealth and it looks like A.S. Roma is prepped to qualify for the UCL once again holding steadily in fourth place. This article explores the big benefits that come with competing in the Champions League.

Champions League Means Fame and Gain

Qualifying for the Champions League brings revenue from TV rights, performance-based prize money, and participation benefits. The high stakes keep teams and players eager for qualification and Roma is right on the cusp of making the cut.

Although the winning team is looking at a grand prize of at least €76 million, sometimes, the winner does not even receive the most money from the competition. For every club in the competition, though, the monetary incentives to not only qualify but also compete in the tournament are high. In fact, each team stands to earns €550,000 per match, €800,000 per win, and €400,000 per draw. For Roma, staying in the top four could mean a sizable increase in revenue, which could potentially lead to important player acquisitions.

It might seem exorbitant to read about such exorbitant sums, but the reality is that football clubs also spend a lot of money on various purchases, transactions, and investor interests. Obviously, some of the profits go to players’ salaries, and with good reason. They are the ones that literally make a run for their money.

Earnings from the Champions League can also help clubs pay off loans an shareholder interest, with roughly 22% of revenue going towards repayment. Meanwhile, 19% of revenue is put towards capital expenditures – such as infrastructure-related costs.

However, playing in the Champions League is not only about the money, but also prestige. It’s obvious that ambitious players are more eager to join and remain at a club that participates in the Champions League. Qualification for Roma could make the difference between not only acquiring an expensive player, but also keeping some of their current, most important pieces of their team.

Expanding upon the aforementioned UEFA coefficient points, this is the score that takes a club last 10 years of European performances into consideration. If Roma can make a run deep into the Europa League this term while also qualifying for next season’s edition of the Champions League, they could position themselves nicely entering the summer transfer window.

Roma are still considered outsiders by online betting websites to finish in a Champions League place, but Paulo Fonseca and his team have been punching above their weight this season.

Beyond Champions League qualification, the time for Roma to be win trophies could be now. The Giallorossi have seen their fair share of changes since their inception in 1927. The club has three Serie A league titles, nine Italian cup victories and two Suppercoppa trophies to their name, but they have yet to to win a prize in Europe.

Although i Lupi haven’t won a major piece of silverware in over a decade, they seem to be a club on the rise as they sit third in the Serie A table. Fans, investors, bettors, and players alike are placing high hopes on Roma qualifying for next season’s edition of the Champions League. Considering that Napoli and Atalanta have both dropped points in recent fixtures, the Giallorossi are poised to maintain their position in the top four, though, they will have to keep an eye on arch rivals Lazio, who have won six of their previous seven league games.

Roma has a habit of coming incredibly close but falling just short of grabbing titles. Despite the lack of trophies, though, the club has managed to maintain popularity both in Italy and abroad. New ownership arrived this past August and expressed their desires to win a trophy and carry out a long term project. With Roma having impressed so far this season and manager Paulo Fonseca showing sensational growth, the foundations of a winning club appear to be in place.

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