What Would Be Success In Serie A for Roma After a Poor Start to the Season?

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There was a lot of optimism surrounding Roma heading into the 2023/24 Serie A season. Although they haven’t won the tournament in over two decades, they are one of the most popular teams in Italy, and their player base – along with the capable defensive mind of their manager, Jose Mourinho – suggest that they are destined for greatness. It’s just a question of when that greatness will come.

If the last few months of the 2023/24 season are anything to go by, however, it is not likely to be in the near future. It’s hard to describe Roma’s season so far as anything less than tumultuous.

What Has Happened In Serie A?

Roma began their 2023/24 campaign with a 2-2 draw with Salernitana and a 2-1 loss against Verona, and while the performances weren’t all too bad, their following 2-1 loss to AC Milan left a lot to be desired. Roma never looked like a team that would win that game, or even challenge AC Milan beyond the surface level.

Next on the cards was Empoli, and Roma showed a glimpse of magic. They smashed their opponents 7-0, and the familiar sense of hope began radiating amongst the fans once more. But then, at the tail-end of September, they drew 1-1 with Torino in a sordid, unconfident display, and their October fixtures weren’t that much better – undergoing a 4-1 loss to Genoa, a 1-0 loss to Inter Milan, and just the one win against Cagliari.

If one were to make a prediction on the remainder of Roma’s season, the football matches still to come are not going to get any easier, and it’s hard to see Roma working their way to the top of the Serie A table.

So What Would Be A Success For Roma?

Let’s be very clear: success for Roma should be winning Serie A. As mentioned before, they have claimed the trophy in the past, with wins during the 1941/42, 1982/83 and 2000/01 seasons – and their team now is arguably better than it ever has been before.

Lukaku is tearing it up around the net, Belotti – who looked to be destined for a transfer away – has chipped in with goal contributions when called upon, and Cristante has the capability to keep out even the best attackers in the game. Likewise, Mourinho is one of the world’s top coaches, with the nerve and the confidence to take Roma all the way.

But, whether we like it or not, the cards have not fallen in Roma’s favour this year. Winning Serie A is looking more unlikely every day, and so Roma will have to focus on the smaller victories. Success for Roma would now be sorting out their defence and focusing their attack.

Focusing On The Little (Big) Things

Right now, there are notable issues in their pressure tactics – players shifting out of their formation to apply pressure where none is needed. One of the most important aspects of a team’s defence is support.

The moment a player shifts from their line is the moment cracks begin to show, and space is available for the opposing team to press. and the moment a supporting player disappears, cracks begin to show. Roma also need to work on their own press. There is a lack of cohesion between the first and second lines, which makes even the most threatening attacks fizzle out within a few phases.

These are the areas that Roma need to focus on if they want to glean any success out of this season. If they nail these issues, then they will start picking up points. Most importantly, they will start building confidence, and the supporters that Mourinho loves will start to build it too. That could be the difference when it comes to their 2024/25 season and the possibility of raising the trophy after the last game is played.

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