Why does the World Cup happen every 4 years?

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The World Cup is known to connect the world together, inviting people from every race, nation, origin, and culture. It has been demonstrated that the power of the World Cup may put an end to wars by offering hope to a whole nation, that is why many individuals have questions unanswered when it comes to why does the World Cup only take place once every four years? If you are one of the curious, continue reading this article!

Because there are so many games played to qualify for the World Cup, it is only hosted once every four years. Though, many love football betting online, and the opportunities which the World Cup provides are greatly profitable, so the anticipation for this event comes as no surprise.  204 nationals competed for a total of 31 available positions in 2014. There are a total of 32 berths available, although the host nation is always assured a spot and almost always gets to play in the opening match.

In any particular season, there may or may not be international breaks according to the schedule that FIFA uses. However, these breaks are extremely rare. Recuperation and rest are absolutely an essential during the summer break for both individuals and teams who compete in entire top-flight seasons. If there were international competitions held every summer, there is a larger likelihood that players may get injured or burnt out.

Conventionally, in 1930 when it all started, the world cup players would have surely found it to be of a big hassle if they had to travel each time to the specific country that the world cup was being held for each tournament. We can confirm this, as only thirteen countries had taken part back in the 1930’s. There were seven (7)  from South America, four (4) from Europe, and two (2) coming from North America. Not many teams from the European countries have participated as it was not easy to go all the way to South America, having less technology and freedom back in the days.

Making a timeframe in between World Cups, helped the teams much more and they could travel by ships instead of travelling using an aeroplane.

Back in the 1930’s, the participants and also other individuals hoped to have the World Cup occurring every four years as it was a highlight to all. The reality of the matter is that between the years of 1938 and until 1950, the FIFA World Cup did not even take place once every four years as a result of the humanitarian and  geopolitical catastrophe that was produced by the second World War.

If a country does not have the necessary infrastructure or framework, it may be a disaster to build and develop facilities that can accommodate five million or more fans. According to the newspapers, Brazil has invested a combined of $4 billion on the renovation and restoration of the 12 beautiful stadiums that were used to host the matches during the tournament. And it appeared that Russia has also spent three times that much on the 2018 World Cup, which brought the total to a staggering $12 billion.

To adequately manage the massive number of people expected to arrive, significantly more than only the stadium has to be prepared. When it comes to logistics, the preparation process for hosting a World Cup might easily take longer than five years to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and the special, world connecting event to be not far from perfect.

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