Zaniolo happy of team’s reaction against Napoli

Andy Mattioli

Nicolo Zaniolo slotted back in as a starter tonight after recovering from the light injury sustained in Juve-Roma a week ago.

The 22-year-old was interviewed by Roma TV where he shared his thoughts on the match against Napoli.

“All that was missing tonight was the goal. We needed a pinch of determination in front of goal.”

“It was a good match. Happy with how we reacted after the game against Bodo. This is the right way.”

On the series of big matches coming their way:

“They are all important, big games whether they are called Venezia or Inter. They are all important.”

“Now there is Cagliari where you need to win 3 points and then there is Milan and we want to win against Milan, too.”

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