Zaniolo takes revenge on ex-Roma director Tiago Pinto: “Everything comes back to haunt you.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma attacker Nicolo Zaniolo commented the news of ex-Giallorossi director Tiago Pinto joining English side Bournemouth.

The Italian winger did not mince words in his latest Instagram story which contained a screenshot of some comments Pinto made after Zaniolo was sold to Galatasaray in February 2023.

At the time, Pinto said of Zaniolo’s departure, “If one decides to leave and the only two who come looking for you are Galatasaray and Bournemouth, well, then that has to mean something.”

Earlier today, Zaniolo shared Pinto’s comment with his own two cents, “Time always tells the truth. Everything comes back to haunt you.”

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