Zaniolo’s trainer: “There’s too much pressure on him.”

Andy Mattioli

Gian Nicola Bisciotti – the athletic trainer responsible for having worked with Zaniolo throughout the two years of injury – was recently interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport where he was asked about the 22-year-old’s recent dip in performances.

“I spoke to him after the Juve game, when he underwent some tests on his knee. He was scared more than anything else.”

“He told me he was feeling fine, and, having watched him play, I think it’s true.”

Bisciotti continued:

“All these unnecessary expectations. There’s too much pressure on him. There shouldn’t be.”

“The early judgments and criticisms make him apprehensive, forcing him to have to show everyone that he’s returned the Zaniolo of way back. But to help him, people need to support him first.”

“Him and his knees will be fine.”

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