Zbigniew Boniek: “I hope the accusations against Zalewski are false.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma player and UEFA director Zbigniew Boniek discussed the recent accusations against Nicola Zalewski.

In light of the allegations of illegal betting practices, Boniek stepped in Zalewski’s defense in an interview with Retesport.

“I hope and hope that everything will be resolved soon, that this news is false. He gave this answer to his manager, with whom he spoke, Nicola swears that he is not part of any type of betting ring.”

“Today’s problem is another one: a person can be tarnished in 5 minutes, all it takes is a stupid thing written on social media and after a few minutes you’re finished, even if you’re 100% clean. This modus operandi is not good.”

“I no longer want to talk about this affair for the simple fact that I have taken a clear position, I have spoken to the Polish newspapers, in Italy I had not spoken to anyone until now. The position taken by the Polish Federation, which defended him and kept him with the U21 squad, was also good.”

“When I was interviewed by Polish journalists, I said that Corona is not a journalist,” Boniek continued, referring to Fabrizio Corona who made the accusations against Zalewski in the first place .”He is someone who has had problems with the law. Then I declared and repeat that I believe what Zalewski claims, because for me he is a special boy.”