Zbigniew Boniek on Roma’s transition from Mourinho to De Rossi: “Finally.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma player and UEFA executive Zbigniew Boniek did not mince words when analyzing the club’s progress under Daniele De Rossi.

In an interview with Te la do io Tokyo on Teleradiostereo, Boniek applauded De Rossi’s impact and discussed the transition from Mourinho’s tenure.

“Finally we are no longer on a leash, with a smile Roma has found seriousness and happiness again,” said Boniek. “We are a serious team, which plays well and no longer protests every decision made by the referee.”

“Someone said that Roma’s players were all bad and that the champions only came for Mourinho or that the sold outs were only for him. That’s not true, as much as I admire him. Look at De Rossi hugging Dybala, a scene that made me cry. If before they came for Mou, today they would come for De Rossi. If Mourinho was at Frosinone players wouldn’t go there – they came for Roma because it is a club with serious ambitions.”

“Mourinho was good and we were all in love with him, but he thought there was going to be a void after him and that’s not the case. If a love doesn’t work, the sooner it ends, the better it is for everyone. Mancini was once neurasthenic, today I see him more serene. Pellegrini the same, and don’t say that he played against the coach. A player plays only for himself. Today he is managed better.”

“That nervousness that manifested on the bench also reached the pitch. Not anymore. De Rossi has everything to become a great player: he is intelligent, good, speaks simply and is not envious of the players. Then it’s clear that champions are needed to win, I hope he becomes Roma’s Alex Ferguson.”

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