Zbigniew Boniek: “Roma have no leaders in the team.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma player and UEFA director Zbigniew Boniek discussed the team’s ups and downs ahead of tomorrow night’s Europa League fixture with Real Sociedad in the Europa League round of 16.

“The credit goes to Mourinho who always manages to keep the boys energized and ready… There are some players who maybe if you see them on their own you wonder ‘who is this?’ but maybe they perform well because they are always concentrated,” Boneik said in an interview with Te la do io Tokyo.

“The level of the roster is very high, but issues tend to arise because there are many games to be played during the week and there is a need to rotate the squad afterwards. As a result, the quality of the gameplan is immediately impacted by this.”

“Even in terms of character and charisma, Roma doesn’t have players capable of carrying the team forward. When we talk about strong teams we talk about a strong backbone, because when you have a strong backbone, your hips work well too and the stronger a team is, the more charismatic, good-natured, self-confident players it has.”

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