Zbigniew Boniek weighs in on Roma’s ‘need’ to sack Mourinho

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma player and UEFA executive Zbigniew Boniek shared his thoughts on the change in attitude from Roma that followed Jose Mourinho’s recent exit from the club.

In an interview with Teladoiotokyo, Boniek spoke about the need to part ways with Mourinho in light of the team’s potential and their objectives for the season.

“By changing a little you can sometimes achieve a lot,” said Boniek. “We had Mourinho, the best manager of the last 20 years, but there was too much nervousness on the bench and the players felt this. A change was needed, the team needed a breath of fresh air.”

“Now it seems to me there is a different air, Daniele has brought serenity and made the players believe that they are good. Roma weren’t that bad, now they’re playing well even if the real test will be against Inter.”

“A lot of players like Zalewski, who were being used out of position, are now being played in roles that suit them.”

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