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Zeman questions Atalanta: “It’s strange that they’re able to run so much”.

Former Roma manager Zdenek Zeman was interviewed today by Radio Rai 1 and seemed suspicious by the amount of stamina that Atalanta have displayed so early on in the Serie A restart as he hinted that the Bergamo-based side could be doping.

The Czech isn’t a stranger to this issue: he accused Juve in 1998 of doping and as a result, Bianconeri team doctor Riccardo Agricola was ultimately found guilty of administering EPO, a banned drug that’s used to boost red blood cell counts — though, his conviction on administering the drug was eventually overturned.

“Atalanta is still running (a lot), which is strange given that they’re from Bergamo, where there have been huge problems with the virus,” he said.

“I say ‘strangely’ because with the problems that there were in Bergamo, I didn’t think they’d much time to prepare and work”.

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