Zorya coach Skrypnyk: “We are proud to be here.”

Zorya manager Viktor Skrypnyk spoke ahead of tomorrow’s Conference League clash at the Olimpico.

“We saw the strength of Roma in the first leg. Of course, they are favorites, but if we look at the ranking, it gives us courage.”

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“It won’t be easy for us if we don’t expect a positive result. To do this we must throw our hearts over the obstacle, as they say. I believe my team can do it.”

“We will certainly receive information about the match between Bodo and CSKA Sofia, but if we give our best, everything will depend on us and we will not have to rely on anyone.”

“We have to play our game and then look at the standings after the match. It is not the last game, we have another one at home. Every team that walks onto the pitch wants to win and mine is no exception.”

“Tomorrow we will play to the maximum, maybe there will be a bit of fatigue, but when you walk onto the pitch every ailment is forgotten. It is a dream to play in such a beautiful stadium, with a prestigious team and hellish cheering, a dream for everyone and not only for the youngest players, but also for the veterans.”

“We are proud to be here and look forward to tomorrow’s match. We want to represent Ukraine and Zorya with dignity.”

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