De Sanctis: “I want to continue playing.”

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis spoke today to the club’s official website, here are his words:

Second place?
Clearly it doesn’t only depend on us and that’s a shame but as long as there are points to play for we’ll keep fighting to try and clinch second place.The team have done exceptionally well to carve out this opportunity. Hopefully we can push on and produce a storming finish to the season now.

Can we say that Spalletti’s arrival heralded a revolution?
The coach has played a crucial role but it’s also true that the players were determined to stand up and be counted, leaving aside the excuses of the first half of the season. Spalletti found fertile ground in that respect – the players were prepared to do whatever was necessary to turn the season around after things had gone a bit pear-shaped. It was a combination of a very capable coach and a top-quality squad that enabled us to re-establish ourselves as one of the best teams in the league and the table reflects that again now.

What do you think of all this talk about Francesco Totti’s renewal?
There’s been too much talk about it if you ask me. I’ve always said it’s a matter that should be discussed by the two most important people: the Roma president and the club’s most iconic player. It’s up to them to find a solution that meets with the best interests of Roma.

What does your own future hold?
I’ve told the club I’d like to carry on playing. I haven’t had any physical problems this season. I’ve played less of course but I’ve tried to do my bit for the team by showing the right attitude and chipping in with a word or two at the right time. I’m in no hurry. We have three league games left to play and regardless of any transfer rumours it would be good if the fans could enjoy the end of the campaign without wasting time or energy in things that don’t help us achieve the results we want.