Paredes: “I want to show Spalletti what I can do.”

John Solano

Leandro Paredes has returned to Roma after a successful spell at Empoli. The Argentine, who joined up with Roma for their trip to the UAE, spoke to Roma TV today:

Feelings on your return?
I am content and happy to be back here. I hope to get well and come back stronger after the holidays.

The relationship with your teammates?
I return to the same group that I left, I have good relations with everyone.

Tomorrow’s match?
It’s a way to make myself known to Spalletti, I will give my best.

Empoli’s season?
Very positive, I found what I was looking for, I’m glad we achieved safety.

Do you feel like you’ve grown up?
In all aspects, as a person and as a footballer.”

The change of position: do you feel like De Rossi has been an example for you in the role?
Training with De Rossi was important, but also with the other teammates: I learned from them and I will try to learn more.

Do you like playing closer to the back?
Yes, the choice of Giampaolo was perfect for me.

What do you expect from tomorrow’s match?
Playing a good match and then going home.