Spalletti speaks ahead of crucial Porto tie

John Solano

The injured?
Rüdiger, Rui, and Nura continue forward, while Torosidis and Florenzi won’t be called.

What is the significance of this match?
It is very simple to speak about this match, it is not that this match is waiting for us tomorrow, it is us who want to face it. We wanted this for eight months, what we wanted since last year. (Winning) can give us the keys to the most treasured competition in Europe. We are ready to play it because what we have so desired for eight months will be here tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is the third match in a week.
Tomorrow I have to deploy the best formation possible. I will pick those with the best quality.

Will your choices tomorrow be based on experience? What about Szczesny and Emerson?
I must be assured that the players are equally assured, but as mentioned before, we will sleep on it tonight because we have prepared for this match for 8 months. We know how much we struggled to be in it, tomorrow we are at home, we have to be the bosses of our house, whoever plays must adapt to this way of thinking. I’ll have a look at him today, but Emerson became a little tense during the Udinese match.

Is there a risk of nervousness? Can Strootman play a third match in a row?
If one is confused in dealing with the nerves, the risk, the danger then he is also afraid of being able to handle success. If one has tension or nervous after eight months of desiring this match then he can not stay in Rome. If you are afraid and we win, then they’d be afraid to win the next match and they would be stressed in managing the result.

I’m going to make him play 30 in a row, 27 are left (laughs).

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