Nainggolan: “We are ready.”

John Solano

Radja Nainggolan to Roma TV ahead of Roma-Napoli:

A very important match.
All matches are important from now on, we have to prove that the Derby we lost is only an episode that happens over a long season. We’re having a great season, they are strong and you have to be careful because they do not give anything. We are the same but playing at home, we have to show that we deserve to be where we are.

The Mister said that the team is ready.
Yes, because there are so many matches if we think we’re tired then we’re already losing. We are ready, everyone has a role to play today.

More goals for me?
The important thing is to get the result for the team, if you get a goal it is nice but you have to find the 3 points above all else.