Bianda, Coric unveiled

John Solano

Today, Roma sporting director Monchi unveiled William Bianda and Ante Coric to the media. These are their words:

Monchi: “We are here for the presentation of Ante Coric and William Bianda. They are an example of what Roma wants for the future, it’s my way of working. We bought players who are ready like Marcano, Mirante, Cristante and Pastore, and also youngsters who have an important future ahead of them. I’m happy to have the opportunity to present Ante and William. It was not easy to get them because there were so many teams that wanted these two players. I’m happy to be here with them today.”

(Monchi) Which players would you compare them to?
I do not like to compare players, everyone is different. They have made their own journey in Croatia and in France. They have room to grow, but they have many qualities. William is a center back with good feet, he is strong physically and quick. Ante has great quality, great personality, a great feet. He has to improve here on a physical level, he has an important road ahead of him.

(Bianda) How important was it for you to find De Rossi on the first day of training?
It is very important for a young player to get here and find someone like De Rossi. It is a pride and a huge honor.

(Monchi) Do you think you have given Di Francesco a complete roster or are missing some pieces?
I think we did what we had in mind to get to this point. A club like Roma can never stop, it must continue to work while looking at everything. Until the end of the market, there will be the possibility of buying players. Yesterday we bought a third goalkeeper, Daniel Fuzato.

(Coric) What are your feelings now that you have arrived in a big club like Roma?
First of all, hello to everyone. For me, it is a pleasure and an honor to be able to train with the likes of Daniele and the rest of the team. I am very happy to be here, I can not wait to get started and for this season to begin.

(Coric) Do you feel more like a regista or mezz’ala? Is your idol Modric?
Certainly the comparison with Modric flatters me, he is the best Croatian player. My style is close to his, but I have to grow a lot and show my worth. I have to work hard to reach his level or to get closer.

(Monchi) Could Forsberg be a name for the future?
I’ll watch the match because it’s an interesting one, I know Forsberg well, I do not need to watch him today. If you read the book about my method, you know that I do not like to buy players because they do well at the World Cup. He’s a player I like, but that does not mean we’re going to buy him tomorrow. Yesterday I saw a player, his name is Hazard, I like him. I also like Forsberg, but it does not mean we’re buying him.

(Coric) How important was it for you to see De Rossi on the first day of training?
Yes it is certainly very important to immediately meet someone like him, he is the captain of the team. I was very happy, he can certainly teach us a lot about character.

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(Monchi) The renewal of Florenzi?
We are practically at the same point as the last press conference, when we presented Pastore. We have not gotten much further, it’s a difficult negotiation because Florenzi is a great player, I think Roma has made a very interesting offer, a great offer, but I understand that he has his requests. We are working, I am confident, but not much has changed in the last days. We made a good offer, fair and important. Ultimatum? With Alessandro never, he is a son who was raised here in Rome. I’m working every day for him to renew.

(Monchi) How is Alisson’s situation? Is there a price you can start with?
I’m sorry about what happened yesterday, I was supporting Brazil, and also Alisson. The answer on Alisson is the same on Florenzi, there is no news, until today we have not received any offers. To say that we have a price in mind is strange, if we have not received offers we should not think of a price. Now Alisson will go on vacation and will return with the team when the holidays end. There is no other idea. If there are any updates we will evaluate them, but nothing has changed with respect to the other day. Nothing has arrived.

(Monchi) Is Mertens an objective of Roma?

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(Bianda) With what mindset do you start this adventure?
The transition from Lens to Roma is a huge change for me, I hope and I think everything will be all right. I’m happy to be in a big club, it’s an honor.

(Bianda) Is Varane your point of reference?
In France, this comparison is often made, because we come from the same club. He is already a made player, he is one of the defenders to whom I look up to.

(Monchi) Is there loan possibility for Bianda?
The idea is for him to stay here. I do not think there is a better teacher than Di Francesco, he is still a boy, but he has a lot of potential. He needs to work and he can do well here in Rome.

(Monchi) Is Ziyech still a goal?
No. He’s a player I have always liked. I can not say no at 100%, but today, we have many players in his role.

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