Ag. Baptistao: “I haven’t heard from Monchi.”

John Solano

Rumors have emerged today regarding Roma’s potential interest in Espanyol attacker Leo Baptistao. Today, the player’s agent, Javier Rangel, spoke to PagineRomaniste about the rumors surrounding his client. These are his words:

There has been word of interest of Roma for Leo Baptistao.
Monchi has not called me, but he’s liked Leo ever since he was Sevilla’s sporting director. But Leo also likes Roma, he thinks it’s a fascinating club.

What is the player’s price?
We must first speak with Espanyol.

Is he happy at Espanyol now?
He is happy, but the club have promised us a new contract and we have not had any news within the last 4 months, we’re a bit concerned.

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