Ag. Ünder: “Cengiz’s goal will give him even more confidence.”

Omer Koray Ozun. the agent of Cengiz Ünder, spoke to TuttoMercatoWeb today. These are his words:

Ünder won’t be able to ever forget the match against Verona.
It’s true. Cengiz is obviously very happy to have scored his first goal with Roma. He also played well in the last match against Sampdoria, but yesterday’s goal will give him even more confidence.

How are things in Rome for Cengiz? He’s been starting matches lately.
Cengiz is experiencing a period of adaptation. His move to Roma is going well, he is learning the language and realising a new reality both as a man and professional.

What is the objective for this season?
For the real Ünder to be put on display. I’m sure he will play more in the second part of the season and once that happens he’ll be able to show his entire repertoire.

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