Ag. Emerson: “He can still grow. He has reached only 75% of his potential.”

Alessio Ceccarelli, the agent of Brazilian full back Emerson Palmieri, spoke today to LaRoma24 regarding his client:

Miguel Cabrera: His workload has go...
Miguel Cabrera: His workload has got to diminish

The evolution of Emerson?
Emerson is a player that now owes so much to Spalletti and Sabatini, who wanted him in Rome, because he is a player who has always believed in his ability and held great esteem for him. Emerson never got down and never gave up. When he made mistakes, he took responsibility and rolled up his sleeves and worked hard to get where he is now. Honestly, he hasn’t reached his peak, he can still grow. I am 100% convinced of this, to date, I believe he’s reached 75% of his potential.

There is much talk of the Italian national team for him.
As for the Italian national team, as he said, he must prove himself on the pitch to show Ventura he is worthy of a cap. Emerson would be the happiest person in the world should be receive a call-up.

There is talk of interest of major European clubs for Emerson, what is the truth?
There aren’t many stronger than him so it is normal that when a player like him, who’s done well and plays in important matches with Roma, receives the attention of big clubs. However, Emerson is already at a big club, he plays in a team where he has the complete confidence of the Mister, the management, and the entire Roma environment. So I can say that right now, there is no possibility to think about a future elsewhere. I repeat that Emerson is a Roma player, and the club will decide his fate. At present, he plays in a top club with continuity and there is even talk of a national team call-up. Anything can happen in the transfer market, but he is thinking only about Roma and overturning the result of the Derby in the Coppa Italia and finish as high as possible in the table, he’s not worried about the market.

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