Ag. Gonalons: “He will remain in Rome and is still part of the project.”

John Solano

Frederic Guerra, the agent of Maxime Gonalons, spoke today to Rete Sport about the Frenchman. These are his words:

“Gonalons will soon be available again. He will stay in Rome and Di Francesco will rely a lot on him. Maxime is still part of the Giallorossi technical project. Today he will resume working with the group after the injury and will return to helping the team. In the first half of the season, he had some problems settling down but now he is ready. The first season at a club is the most difficult especially in a city like Rome. He has done so many good things recently such as learning Italian and improving on the communicative aspect. He worked a lot on learning the language to try and fit in the group.”

Will he stay next season?
Certainly! No negative signs came from the club, so the lad is willing to wear the Giallorossi shirt for a long time.