Ag. Grenier: “He is happy for his debut as a starter.”

John Solano

Giuseppe Colombo, the Italian agent of Clement Grenier, spoke today to the microphones of Here are his words:

“I heard from Clement and he is very happy for his debut as a starter. He has worked hard in recent months to get ready for this call. He is a thoughtful player who knows when to dribble and he can play multiple roles in midfield.”

“His future with Roma? The future is Thursday, he’s only thinking about Lyon and Roma qualifying and thinking about things match by match. In an important club like Roma, you need to always be ready, these words are not only true for Clement. It’s a big regret for
him not being able to play Thursday because Clement is a world class player and he could make a contribution in the event that the Mister put him in. The management of Spalletti is excellent.”

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