Ag. Kadeřábek: “Roma? We talked in the Fall.”

Hoffenheim right back Pavel Kadeřábek is one of the many names being linked to Roma. The Czech’s agent, Victor Kolar, spoke today to PagineRomaniste regarding the transfer rumors surrounding his client. These are his words:

Did Roma call you to ask for information on Kadeřábek?
No, not in this transfer market window.

In which window did they contact you? Did you speak with Monchi?
We talked, more or less, in the Fall. I will not say who I spoke with, but at this moment, there have been no contacts.

Has an offer been made for him or just a inquiry?
No, I can confirm that, in the end, no offer was made.

So Monchi likes the player.
But at this moment, there have been no contacts. I do not know if there will be the possibility in this transfer market window, really, I do not know.

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